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Know Your CEan - Er. Nima Ambhurkar

Know Your CEan Nima Ambhurkar
CrazyEngineers Staff
CrazyEngineers Staff
Team KYCEan
CEan- Nion aka Nima Ambhurkar is a Computer Science Engineering Student and a very creative person. She loves drawing, painting, photography. I am very very glad to present her words here...

Pallavi : Hi Nima, you are a Crazy Computer Science engineer, tell us more about yourself.
Nima : 
Hello all! I am Nima, currently in my third year of Engineering and I love the world of Smilies. ? I am a feline lover too(especially cats, but not the fat furry ones). Although many people dislike them, I love them anyway. I have two best friends and I am the way I am partly because of them. I cannot thank God enough to have them in my life.

Pallavi : How did you get introduced to CrazyEngineers (CE)?
Nima : AKD introduced me to the awesome world of CE.

Pallavi : Why did you take up this particular engineering trade? What do you like the most about it?
Nima : Engineering happened to be by chance but I am not regretting doing it. Since the time we had a computer at our house, it slowly took my interest and I was astounded with this simple yet complicated machine. Yet, after joining CE I feel that it’d have not been bad had I taken up Civil as my trade. I am really impressed by the wonderful creations the civil engineers come up with. And after when Civil Princess stared to publish posts on VoiCE, the more I felt it so. CP you are really doing a wonderful job! ?

Pallavi : What is your favorite pass time?
Nima : 
Well, there are many things that I prefer doing in my free time. Since my interest lies in photography, I take random pictures every now and then. When I roll back, hardly one or two out of ten is worth though. I also draw and paint stuff. I often do it in my free time. Other than that, I read novels (preferably fiction). I also love dancing to some good beats and I love it when I dance. I dance often when I think I am gaining weight because I eat a lot since I am a foodie ? and I am too lazy to exercise. Tattooing is my new found interest.

Pallavi : Who are your idols or inspirations?
Nima : 
I get inspired by the common people whom I see in my day-to-day life. There’s a bit to learn from everybody around you. My Father, Biggie(indirectly), and my two best friends have always been my greatest inspirations. I respect them a lot.

Pallavi : Came to know that you are a very creative person! Let us know about your Creativity.
Nima : 
Creativity differs from person to person. In my case, creativity is inclined to the artistic side of me. Imagining things, visualizing them and then making them into reality all by your own thoughts is what I term as creativity. Imagining things and day-dreaming are the things which I do a lot, especially during exam times and yes I come up with most of the creative and good ideas at that time itself! ?

Pallavi : Do you think that engineering in India covers the creative aspect of an individual?
Nima : 
I cannot say about the entire nation but form where I’m studying, it definitely doesn’t cover any creative aspect of an individual. All we are told and required to do is mug up the entire syllabus prescribed for that semester. Very few of them actually read and understand the basics. But that doesn’t cover the creative aspect of an individual. Only during the projects, the creativity of a student can shine.

Pallavi : Are you so calm? Why very less number of CEans knows about you?
Nima : 
You cannot say calm but I do prefer keeping a low profile everywhere(sometimes it doesn’t happen as I plan though, due to certain reasons). I am very talkative with people who know me. About very less number of CEans knowing me, how am I supposed to answer that question? ? They know better for themselves. But still, I think it is that way because I never signed in to the chat box on CE when it was present except for on CE day. Also, I rarely reply to “The looong thread.” May be that’s the reason.

Pallavi : What made you to follow Numerology?
Nima : 
One of my two best friends is very specific about Numerology and Astrology. I don’t remember when but I inadvertently started following it!

Pallavi : Why you are away from social networking sites like facebook and twitter?
Nima : 
I could see that question coming! ? Social networking sites according to me are a waste of time for me. I cannot learn anything from it. As far as the “it-helps-maintain-your-friends” matter is concerned, I don’t need a social networking site to be in contact with my friends who really matter to me. It can be done so even without it.
Sometimes I think of creating an account but, I really don’t see any point in doing that and I have no intention of wasting my time more than I already do. I’d rather do and learn something else from the internet.
People raise their brows when they learn that I do not have an account on the world’s most happening social networking sites. The moment seems as if I am an outcast there, but then in the end I know better what people do there. I am not talking about all people out there, but most of them.
And twitter, umm.. I’m planning to create an account on twitter sometime in the future. Although I cannot guarantee about being loyal to it, but I can always try! ?

Pallavi : What made you to Blog?
Nima : 
English has been my favorite subject from the school days. At home, I always scribble whatever comes to my mind. My best friend then introduced me to the world of blogging and I loved it. After exploring this world, I get to see the world from other people’s perspective. There is also a lot to learn from blogging. The way people write, their self composed poems, phrases, etc are fun to read. I love this world and I’d rather be reading blogs than spending time on facebook or other social networking sites. Also, once I have a favorable count of *really good* photos, I’m thinking of starting a photo blog! ?

Pallavi : Tell us the History behind your Usernames 'Nion'(in CE) and 'Enigma'(in Blogger)
Nima : 
*Lol* When I started blogging, I needed an alias for me. The word ‘Enigma’ enticed me and its meaning suited not-very perfectly, but it did suit to some extent to the condition that I wanted to be in back then. Also the word has my real name in it (eNIgMA), hence the username.
And as for CE, the username ‘Enigma’ was already taken up! ? I couldn’t come up with any other name. I wanted a name starting with the letter ‘N’ and with some good meaning, but I couldn’t find any. So I instead went for some random name with no specified meaning. It was/is just another alias.

Pallavi : Tell us any 3 things that annoy you the most?
Nima : 
Well, there are *many* things that annoy me.
1. Use of SMS lingo everywhere.
2. People (Indians rather) spitting anywhere they can without any consideration about their surroundings. ?
3. Devotional songs being played on loudspeakers with the music of some Hindi film song every time there is some Bhagwan(GOD) jayanti(anniversary).
And many more . . .

Pallavi : What is the biggest achievement in your life so far?
Nima : 
The moment now! ?

Pallavi : What changes you found in yourself before and after joining CE?
Nima : I have never been a very technical person. Am not one either now. But knowing and joining CE has explored me to many new things that I’d not have known otherwise. I get to learn a lot form CE.

Pallavi : If you are given a chance to take a role in 
CE, what would you like to have and What would you do for CE?
Nima : 
I’d like to be a CE-ambassador. I’d like to spread a word about CE and how it can be of help to the budding engineers

 The CE Quickies aka Rapid Fire:

1. Who are the best 
CEans according to you?
Nima : 
Biggie, Ash, Raj, AKD, Optimystix, Durga, Gohm and all other CEans who helped CE for being what it is today.

2. If you are granted 3 wishes, what would you ask for?
: umm.. I’d ask for
1) to grant me magical powers
2) to make India a better place
3) 100 more wishes! ?

3. If you were not an engineer, you would be?
Nima : 
A photographer or an artist.

4. Your biggest blooper till date is?
Nima : 
The list is too long. I have been in many such incidences where I wished I could just disappear into thin air. :razz:

5. A moment you can never forget.
Nima : 
Unforgettable moments make your life. I have had many moments happy as well as sad which I can never forget and I cherish those memories dearly.

6. What you like most about yourself?
Nima : 
I like it that the choices I make are most of the times favorable to the situations/condition. And I feel happy to be whatand how I am.Improvements are and will always be there. But I like that I am ‘me’ no matter what!

7. Five years from now, you will …
Nima : 
Hopefully be a great CEan living the life of my dreams!

8. If you were a politician, what will your 5 year plan look like?
Nima : 

9. Define your ideal date in one word. 
Nima : Ban Midou ? (For getting a hold of the answer you’ll have to see Get Backers! ?)

10. Define yourself in one word.
Nima : ENIGMA ?

11. Given a chance to award these titles to fellow 
CEans, whom will you award what?
The Smartest--------
Techno geek------PraveenScience
The Guru-------
Ash, Opti
The most wanted-------
YOU(Pallavi), Praveena
The Most Talented -------
The Most Matured --------
The Most Creative--------
The Most Active -------
Godfather, NM, Ishu

12. What do you want to say about CE?
Nima : 
CE is a place where engineers can always learn many new things, not only about Engineering but about different issues. CE has like minded and friendly people. I am sure CE has changed many lives(of course in a positive way) and it will continue to do so in the future. All the very best to CE and its members. ? I really appreciate the Admin for making such a wonderful site in spite of the obstacles and standing firm to his decision. ?

PS: I’d really like to see the old CEans getting back active in the forums! ? They did a great job when CE was at its initial stages. With them back and the current members, CE will surely reach great heights! Good Luck!