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Know Your CEan - Er. Nayan Goenka

Know Your CEan Nayan Goenka
CrazyEngineers Staff
CrazyEngineers Staff
Team KYCEan

So today we have the pleasure to have an insight in the life of a truly crazy engineer @Nayan Goenka. He is presently pursuing engineering in Information Technology from RCOEM, Nagpur. An ardent young entrepreneur with 4 start-ups of his own and has his different ideology towards life. Lets see what he is got in store for us.

Happy Reading CEans ?

:Tell us something about yourself along with any one secret of yours.
Nayan :
I am a very free minded kind of person. I like to observe everything I find interesting and then try to tweak it so that I could like it more. I am open to all kinds of people till the point they stop making sense. I m a sort of open book. No huge secrets as such. One maybe yeah, I never refill bottles to keep in the fridge.

Karishma : Where did you learn about CE and give us 3 things that you love about it.
Nayan :
I came to know about CE from @Abhijit Dey . He is a college mate and he was active on CE. He told me about the community, I liked it. Joined about 14 months back and m still hanging around.

Things I like about CE are

1. Its open for all. Everyone is invited and welcomed here no matter the background. The community is very open for all and this is what I also learnt from here. Be open to everyone. you never know how you will learn something useful and unusual from them.

2. Second thing I like is the quality of resources we have here. May they be in form of discussion, threads, downloads, ideas, information etc. It never stops. Daily we see something new here.

3. Third thing I like most is that it is one of most happening places for engineers like me. People those who want to explore. And that we bring out in sort of updates or discussions, debates, Cafe section etc. It just never stops.

And there are many more things. Not needed to mention but they are understood.

Karishma :I am flabbergasted to hear that you haven’t even graduated now but are an entrepreneur. Tell us more about your start up and what provoked you to come up with it?
Nayan :
Well seriously if you ask. It just does need is decision to do it. You decide I want to do this and you stick to it, in no time you will achieve what you want. I decided to have startups and now I own them. Its very simple. In the way, you will collect all the knowledge and skills and experience you need. But what you need to start is a decision to do it, or you may call it conviction, dedication they all mean the same.

About my startups, we got

Energy Labs - A Web Solutions company. We do websites, portals, apps, SEO, branding, graphic designing etc.

Talk of the Town - An artist management company to promote local talents

The Chai Shop - A web portal to portray amazing people from all walks of life who share the same thirst to do things like all the other big shot people you know.

Aries Merchandising - This is the startup we have for merchandising and product building solutions.

And we have more in the pipeline on which we are still on drawing board.

All of these startups I started with my friends in Bangalore and surprisingly most of the team is still in College.

Karishma :”Confidence – if you don’t have it FAKE it proxy.php?image=http%3A%2F%2Fdata.crazyengineers.com%2Fattachments%2Fupload_2014-5-15_9-48-6-png.11029%2F&hash=1a3f596295197cd19dade68b16ec8c54 “. Have you ever followed this ideology? Where?
Nayan :
Well this is something I feel is not wrong. Sometimes even we have to do such FAKE confidences to keep the team to hold it together. After all in any situation they look up to you. But this is something you have to be careful about. You need to believe in yourself that you can do it and it shall be done. A bunch of 20 year olds don't own 5 companies everyday. But it comes with risks of its own. Its OKAY to have FAKE confidences in extreme scenarios but not everyday.

Karishma :You have your own definitions for Dharma, Karma and Religion as mentioned by you in one of your posts on CE.
Nayan :
Ohh lady, you did your research it seems.

Well Dharma for me is the duty you are obligated to. My Dharma is keeping myself alive every single day and face challenges with a smile. I feel this is my duty towards my team, friends, my life and towards myself in particular.

Karma is the actions you perform. And my only motto is do actions which you feel you are comfortable about. Make sure your actions are based on truth and knowledge and devoted to your dharma and they will reward you.

Religion is the belief you place in God or scriptures or people or things. Things that empower and motivate you. for me Religion has been one book of truth, "The Bhagwad Geeta". It has taught me a lot and I believe in what is written there because I feel its absolute truth. I am not a religious person who goes to temple and all. I don't remember last time I did those sorts of things but yes, I do respect all religions and their teachings because technically they all speak about the same thing.

So what is your Dharma, Karma and Religion

Karishma :We all face tough times in life and have different ways of handling those. We would like to know what gives you courage to stand up and fight back in such times ?
Nayan :
Yes we do face such situations every time and what I do in that scenario is make the confidence in myself stronger and make myself ready for worst case. Once I do that, it gives me energy to move forward and it often results in Best-Medium outcomes.

Karishma :What do you fear the most and why ?
Nayan :
I don't fear anything because everything I do, I feel true to myself about it. And technically there is nothing called fear. Darr ke aage jeet hai.

Karishma :What would you do different if you were reborn ?
Nayan :
I don't have the patience to be reborn again and lead another 20 years. I don't have any regrets. And what I have practically learnt till now in my journey so far is, whatever happens, happens for the best.

Karishma :If you were told that you were to die in a year, what would you try to accomplish ?
Nayan :
As of today, I am satisfied with myself. So even if anyone tells me I am to die tomorrow, I don't have any huge fetishes I would like to fulfill. Life, according to me, is all about keep going. One right turn takes you to a garden, another takes you to a dungeon. But you should know how to be happy with either of it.

Karishma :If you could ask one person, dead or alive, one question, who would you ask and what would you ask ?
Nayan :
Never gave it a thought though. On the funny side, I would like to ask Bill Gates or Larry Page or Steve Jobs, "Bro, do you even lift? Coz I am sure as hell gonna beat your startups".

Karishma :Quicky Quick:

  1. Love is-
    Nayan : the last piece of the puzzle.
    2. College life –
    Nayan :kind of boring coz my college sucks but overall nice fun with people around.
    3. One CEan you would like to spend a day with-
    You @Karishma Manwani. You seem to be very interested in asking me so many questions. You yourself should be very interesting proxy.php?image=http%3A%2F%2Fdata.crazyengineers.com%2Fattachments%2Fupload_2014-5-15_9-48-6-png.11028%2F&hash=51cc8f95af794b2953762d432ed8b3e8
    4. Nayan is –
    "too curious and impatient"
    5. One thing/person you can die for-
    - Never gave it much thought. Should be something/someone really worth it.
    6. India –
    one piece of land with trillions of colours.
    7. Hard Work or Destiny ? Why ?
    Definitely Hard Work. Destiny is written in ink of your hard work. The brighter hard work is, the brighter mark it will leave.
    8. Kejriwal or Modi ? Why ?
    Modi definitely. He gives a sense of hope and motivation. All kejriwal gives is a sense of frustration.

Karishma :Where do you see yourself 10 years down the lane
Nayan :
10 years down the lane I see myself busy in doing something that will create a legacy. One life I got, I'll sure as hell make it count. To be more specific, I would be seeing myself still upgrading my startups (hopefully they will be all smooth by then) but upgrades never stop.

Karishma :Which cartoon character can you relate yourself to and Why ?
Nayan :
One cartoon character could be Jerry. Sweet and mischievous and cunning. My friends call me so. 

Karishma :What other interests do you have ?
Nayan :
I like writing blogs, poems. I used to do Rifle shooting. Played nationals then left to pursue focus in studies. Playing flute I like. Also like watching TV series and movies. Used to play a lot of games before but work shifted focus. Partying, eating, music are among few more.

Karishma : Narrate to us any story from your life where you could “ Connect The Dots” like Steve Jobs.
Nayan :
I am more of making the dots types.

I am not able to recall any particular incident now. These things happen daily.

Karishma :You are presently an engineering student. What do you think is lacking in the education system today that we are unable to produce innovative engineers and have more people pursuing engineering only for the sake of a degree ?
Nayan :
What I feel is students should be taught how to bring credibility and zeal in work. Knowledge everyone is gaining by reading books one night before. That doesn't work. What the system should have is constant heat creation and then a platform to shed it all out. This should work.

For today it is more like, "Semester is a vacation, Exam preparation is ODI and Exam is a T20.

What the system makers fail to understand is, Test matches test the real skills

Karishma : ”First impression is always the last impression”, Do you agree with the statement ? Why ?
Nayan :
No I don't believe in that. I have always managed to flip impressions if I wanted. And this certainly requires a lot of patience but It works. You just should know how to do it. Work out your charm. The world will dance as you want, the only thing is, you should be a good dance master.

Karishma : Your message for the fellow CEans.
Nayan :
For CEans, I would like to say, keep up to your dreams, they are going to move very fast. The only way to keep up with them is start making them true one by one. Mind is a very powerful tool. Use it. Once you decide, it is too easy. You just need to walk up to your goal and grab it. And hold it so strong no one would dare take it away from you.