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Know Your CEan - Er. Mayur Pathak

Know Your CEan Mayur Pathak
CrazyEngineers Staff
CrazyEngineers Staff
Team KYCEan

You'd typically find him spamming biggest personalities associated with the world of engineering, working on multi- million dollar deals, flaunting his new car, promoting CE, "strategising technology solutions for media industry" and getting clicked near lakes. That's Mr. Mayur Pathak for you. Mayur holds a degree in civil engineering & master's degree in marketing communications.

CEan - Prateek interviewed Mayur through email. Take a look:-
Prateek: You have been with CE from the beginning. How has the experience been?

Mayur: Yeah! It’s been 2 years and 8 months to be precise. Believe me, all these days were over whelming good. My contribution hasn’t been all that much. There have been days when I was away from posting for long periods, some time due to professional commitments or due to studies. But I always made sure I contribute through long telephone calls with The Big K. CE is Biggie’s brain child.

Prateek: You have had 3 different jobs. How was the experience in each?

Mayur: 4 actually *laughs* It is difficult to tie me down. I wanted a career in strategy and International Business. I love my country and I want to stamp its authority on the world map. All these jobs have been some kind of a journey towards the goal.

Prateek: One of your parents is an Artist and the other an Interior Designer. Why did you choose Civil Engineering?

Mayur: Not one, both Dad and Mom are artists. Dad is also a Planner and Interior Designer. When I was to do graduation, we thought we might expand our family business if I become a Civil Engineer. I tried my hand at it too… however I found it very mundane. I couldn’t build on some body else’s design. I wanted creativity.

Prateek: Civil Engineering is a science field and Marketing Communications a commerce field. Did you find any difficulty while doing your masters in Marketing Communication?

Mayur: Not at all. I speak a lot, and speak well too. I have won umpteen debate competitions and prizes in theatrical plays as well as accolades for my writing skills. This was one reason why I chose Marketing Communications.

Prateek: After many girlfriends and umpteen crushes, Mr. Mayur Pathak finally tied the knot about 3 months ago. Tell us the way it has changed your life and lifestyle.

Mayur: Personal question *grin* But yeah, the life has certainly changed a lot. I am now committed and answerable. I have become more responsible I guess. Ask this question to my wife.

Prateek: We know that you have had a very bad experience at the Western express highway near Lonavala. Tell us about it and what advice will you give to fellow travellers from your experience?

Mayur: Hmmm… well it’s good to talk to strangers while traveling alone, as long as they don’t drug you and leave you to die in the middle of the road. It was a tragic incident. But believe me, I have learn't a lot. Just be careful and eat only what you have got. Just be attentive to people around you.

Prateek: How do you spend your free time?

Mayur: I hardly get any. I’m already managing 3 different profiles.

Prateek: How did you get the nicks Max and Mr. Attitude?

Mayur: Max is actually more of a self imposed nick name. You must have heard the “Shahrukh Mayur Khan” jingle. It came from there. Pople used to call me shahrukh. Then the movie Josh was released during our engineering days. So I urged my friends to call me Max (Shahrukh’s name in the movie) instead because it sounded better. Mr. attitude, well it was bestowed by my colleagues in my second job. Lot of them, especially girls said I have loads of attitude. Nothing wrong, I like flaunting some.

The Rapid Fire round -

# Describe your self in a word:

Mayur: Intelligent

# Now in a sentence:

Mayur: I’m an intelligent guy with astute business sense who has an ambition to make it really big in his life.

# Name as many CEans you can in a minute:

Mayur: The Big K, kidakaka, xHx, ash, KGV, MaRo, Gohm, Souravgoswami, just2rock, crazyboy, kinetic_joules, pradypop, mayank, desijays, raj87verma88 well…. Time up?

# The thing that you like best about CE:
Mayur: Every thing!

# Any change that you would like to make in CE -

Mayur: I would like to make it commercially viable so that we all can earn out of the good work we are doing.

# In yourself: 
Mayur: Nothing, I’m happy the way I’m.

# 5 years from now:
It would be 22nd July, 2013. Ha ha! If you are asking what will I be doing? I will be heading a consultancy.

Prateek: Thanks for your time Mayur.

Mayur: My pleasure.

I learn that you are from Mumbai. Hope to connect with you sometime. ?