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Know Your CEan - Er. Madhumitha Sridharudu

Know Your CEan Madhumitha Sridharudu
CrazyEngineers Staff
CrazyEngineers Staff
Team KYCEan

Madhumitha is one of the most active CEans on CrazyEngineers. Hailing from Chennai she helps everyone at CE and comes up with interesting discussions.

We took out some time to know more about her. Check it out -

CE: Hi Madhumitha, you are a Crazy Electronics & Communication engineer, tell us more about yourself.

Madhumitha: Hi! I’m Madhumitha from Chennai. I’m doing my 3rd year Electronics and Communication Engg. from St.Joseph’s college of engineering. 

CE: How did you get introduced to Crazy Engineers (CE)?

Madhumitha: It was my first year and we had to do a seminar on some technology. And I was searching for some nice topic and on top of the list displayed was the link to a thread in crazyengineers. It was about how to build a cell phone jammer and I got hooked to the discussion between CEan silverscorpion and CEan godfather (can't remember the others involved though :sad: ) and followed it. Then I found this place was awesome and ever since made it a point to go and check crazy every time I go online. So in short it was the google search engine that introduced me to the crazy world..... :wink:

CE: Why did you take up ECE as your engineering trade? What do you like most about it?

Madhumitha: I always liked circuits and stuff… found them more interesting. 

CE: What do you like the most about yourself?

Madhumitha: Well my dad taught me to think positive and that’s something I carry on ahead and I try to spread it around too. If something doesn’t happen the way I expect it to then I’ll just be like… may be it’s not going to be this time. May be it’s on its way :smile: . Its not going to hurt to think positive after all… 

CE: What is your favorite pass time?

Madhumitha: I love listening to songs, songs and more songs. :wink: as such I do not get much time to pass… I’ve no other pass time activities.

CE: Who are your idols or inspirations?

Madhumitha: I respect any one who has done something great. And try and get my inspirations from every one and why not even from the lyrics of a song :smile:

CE: What is the biggest achievement in your life so far?

Madhumitha: As of now what I consider the biggest achievement of life is my 4 years scholarship in college… but I hope I have more in the path ahead. :wink:

CE: The CE Quickies aka Rapid Fire:

1. Name top 5 CEans.

Madhumitha: Ahem…… that is a tough question… can I pass it? :wink:

2. If you are granted 3 wishes, what would you ask for?

Madhumitha: Wishes I think, are something you get without working hard… so I’d rather work hard myself and make the things I want happen… :wink: what say?

3. If you were not an engineer, you would be?

Madhumitha: A doctor!!! In fact I had got into one medical college also during the counseling but felt I was just not the kind for it so gave it up… and no regrets… :wink: 

4. Your biggest blooper till date is?

Madhumitha: Well I do not consider it a blooper but my mom insists that is the biggest mistake I did- rejecting my medical seat. But as I said, no regrets :wink:

5. A moment you can never forget.

Madhumitha: Well I’ve had many happy, funny, sad, emotional, proud moments… but this moment is something i would never forget...not because i was so proud but because i was so confused. we were chatting away in the class(10th) as usual one day and suddenly the teacher called out my name and made an announcement that all the teachers handling our class had selected me as the all rounder for our year and not just me and my friends but even the teacher was confused as to how i had got it while i was considered the most talkative girl in the year... :smile: lucky eh?

6. 5 years from now, you will… 

Madhumitha: make a difference where ever I am. 

CE: If you were a politician, what will your 5 year plan look like?

Madhumitha: I have a lot of to dos: 

1) Rural education in India could do with some help. 

2) Improvising the country’s present state of very very slow development. I know slow and steady win the race but this slow, we are getting no where. 

3) And the most important of the lot- “ Help the backward class kids” by giving them help with study tools and improvisation of schools and not by crippling them by treating them separately with all these quota stuff and make them feel really low. Also that way all will get a fair shot.

CE: What do you want to say about CE?

Madhumitha: CE is one site to which I have bonded more than any other site. I just think its an awesome place and a must for all engineers out there. Hey CEans, This is an awesome place, make the best out of it. And make sure you do some equal contributions too… others like you may be in need of it.

CE: Thanks for giving your valuable time to CE. We wish you a wonderful life ahead. Madhumitha, Before we end, what will be your message to the CE community?

Madhumitha: Negative thoughts can wash off all good plans that you may have. Positive thinking is the key to success. When you are in the valley, keep your goal firmly in view and you will get the renewed energy to continue the climb. And the pleasure was mine.