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Know Your CEan - Er. Harshad Italiya

Know Your CEan Harshad Italiya
CrazyEngineers Staff
CrazyEngineers Staff
Team KYCEan

He has been an active member of CrazyEngineers since the day he joined. He is an electronics & telecommunication engineering students and firmly believes "Electronics is not enough for life, we need communication!". Typically you'll find him guiding new members, helping them get familiar with CrazyEngineers, actively contributing to almost all the sections of CE Forums and spreading the word about CE among his friends. He was also one of the winners of CrazyEngineers T-Shirt Design Contest! He is our CEan - Godfather, aka Mr. Harshad Italiya from Surat, India. Our editor in chief, Mr. Mayur Pathak got in touch with the Godfather to know more about him. Presenting CEan Godfather in Know Your CEan!

Q: Harshad aka godfather, tell us more about yourself.

A: I am Harshad Italiya. I am from Surat and doing my BE Electronics and Communication. I am in Final year and I have completed my Diploma in EC. I am a very talkative person and like to make friends and yes I always try to learn something from someone. I am very funny guy and always try to make my friends happy. My favorite sport is Cricket. Sometimes I have suffered a lot due to my love of the game ?

Well i always try to help my friends. "Jag ko Hasane Behruiya fir Rup Badal ke ayenga" (Meaning, A disguised entertainer will come again to make the people in this world laugh) This is my motto. ;-) Well I am keen interested in Microprocessor and Microcontroller. I am Crazy about projects related to them.

Q: Why did you opt for Electronics engineering?

A: Well nothing much. I don’t like Electronics first but I am the only person from my family who has studied till college level. I chose this field because when I was 12 year old, my father often used to repair circuit breakers and other electronics switches. (He is only 7th Standard Pass) Then I had decided that I also learn about this area and make things more comfortable. That is why I had selected Electronics Branch.

Q: You said you would like to start your own company. Can you share more about your plans?

A: Yep I want to start my own company with my friends. You can’t say it company but its simply team work in our free time and also Expand our knowledge. My Other plan is that in my company I will take Projects from students and Guide them. So that they have no need to go other places for projects ;-)

Q: Good to hear that. You also have interest in designing? Tell us more.

A: Yes, once I tried my hand on PHOTOSHOP. But I left it... and now I am only interested in designs and am still learning. I am not Expert in designing you see.

Q: Amrita Rao? Hmmm, seems you are in love with her. So what are your other fantasies?

A: Yep I like Amrita Rao (Indian film actress) from her first movie. She is the only Actress who has complete Indian look and I am a big fan of her simplicity.
Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

A: Well mostly I am always on my PC when at home and playing Cricket and playing Cards when at College (I am Engineer ;-) ). My favorite time pass is to Read Books and thinking about the creative project ideas that have still not come ? I write my diary also, not daily but it covers all mystery day of my life.

Q: Wow! So what inspired you to join CE and what do you like here the most?

A: Actually not inspired I had joined CE to find a good project name but after that I like this place because this is the only forum in world for helping engineers.

Q: Tell us one each-

1. Your biggest achievement till date.

A: I dont know what is my biggest but my first one was when I was in my training at that time.

My prof. had given me datasheet of LPC932 and asked me to write a program in KEIL for blinking LED. At that time my brain went blank for KEIL and Microcontroller but my friend Nilesh helped me out. He boosted me and I wrote 5 different Program to blink LED in different sequence within 30 mins.

2. Your biggest blooper (a stupid mistake my be...when every body laughed at you)

A: Well no one know about this right now. But I am not in final year, as I got detained in 3rd year just 5 days ago. When friends come to know may be they will laugh at me... but this gives me time to complete 3 projects now.

3. One event in your life till now that you would like to change

A: Well in each and every event in my life taught me something and from that I try my best to change my self rather then giving advice to people to change. I don’t want to change any thing from past. 

Now for the twisters

1. Define your ideal date in one word.
A: She is in my Class ? ( not GF )

2. Define yourself in one word
A: DIODE--- Passes all Good Things and block out all Bad things.

3. Given a chance to award these titles to fellow CEans, whom will you award what?
A:The Smartest-------- Mayurpathak
Techno geek------ASH
The Duffer--------CEan and Duffer? Never!
The Guru----------THE_BIG_K
The most wanted-------- leechers of CE

Thanks for your time Harshad. We enjoyed talking to you!