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Know Your CEan - Er. Anil Jain

Know Your CEan Anil Jain
CrazyEngineers Staff
CrazyEngineers Staff
Team KYCEan

CEan CrazyBoy has been with us since CE was very young. He has helped CE gain momentum when we had our low times. A Civil Engineer by education and currently working as a software engineer in India, Anil is an exceptionally talented cricket player. Our moderator, CEan - MayurPathak had a chat with CEan CrazyBoy, have a look-
CE: Hi Crazyboy aka Anil Jain. So you are a Civil Engineer. Tell us more about yourself.

Anil: About my Self, I am 25 Yrs old, 5’10 height, athletic body and crazy about civil structures and sports. Though I have completed my engineering in CIVIL, still I am working with a leading software company at Noida and have total experience of 4 yrs with the IT industry only. Basically I hailed from Rajasthan (India).

About my hobbies, I am a sports person and love playing all the sports; I was a part of departmental team in Volley Ball, Foot Ball. Also I won a few awards in TT, Badminton and cricket tournaments as well. Other then sports I love to do photography and sketching in my free time.

CE: What prompted you to join a civil engineering course?

Anil: My Uncle was a civil engineer and I used to go with him on construction sites since my childhood, and since then I dreamed to create some structure by my own design.

After by high school graduation I was very stubborn to get admission in a NIT (National institute of Technology) and to be frank my rank in the pre-engineering exam was not good enough to get a mechanical or Computer in any NIT. So I thought why not to go with Structural (subject of my liking) engineering in a NIT.

CE: Being a Civil Engineer, you joined an IT company. Why such a change?

Anil: There is a long story behind this. Though I got an engineering degree in CIVIL; still my first love was designing. After entrance examination I took admission in Structural engineering at NIT, Nagpur and continued the same course till 2nd year end. In third year due to orders from center government NIT, Nagpur had merged the Civil and Structural engineering branches. There were 4 additional subjects in structural engineering in addition to all subjects of Civil and I missed them. If I would have completed my engineering in Structural, I definitely would have started my career as structural designer.

In the starting of 4th year of college days I got placed in a leading software company and by chance that was IT Company. After getting a job in a company I gave up the idea of leaving that job or waiting for a company which offers civil job (not a hard core designing job) and continued to give my services to IT field only.

CE: What pulled you to CE? And what has been motivating you to remain here unlike many who have already left?

Anil: In 2005-06 I was preparing for MBA and was active member of PG. During those days, I and Biggie were working in the same organization. Biggie came up with the idea of starting CE somewhere in the end of 2005 and also motivated me to join CE. With his reference I joined CE and since then I am with CE family.

I love to spend time on CE. This community always helped me to enhance my knowledge and also CE is a way by which I can help others. So idea of leaving CE family had never crossed my mind.

CE: So what else do you do apart from your work and spend some time on CE?

Anil: Sports and photography are my main time killing activities I do except spending time on CE. Also sketching is my hobby.

Here come the fast track questions:

CE: Tell us one thing you always wanted to do but you haven't been able to till now.

Anil: Work as a structural designer.

CE: Who's a better engineer, a married genius or an unmarried fanatic?

Anil: A married genius.

CE: Given a chance tell us one engineering marvel you would have loved to design.

Anil: A building bigger and safer then Burj Dubai.

CE: If you were a not an engineer, what would you be? And why? (For ex. you could be a politician because you are an exceptional leader.)

Anil: May be a professional sports person. Except engineering, the only thing I can do very well are playing sports.

CE: Complete the story. "I love..."

Anil: I love to live my life with my parents.

Have seen lot of your old posts on this site. You must have gotten busy with life and work. Hope to connect with you.