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Toggl Track

$60,000 — $70,000 per year • Remote-Global

Windows Management Exec

Toggl Track is hiring individuals who have a strong C#/.NET engineering background and at least some leadership experience and have seen projects through from conception to delivery successfully.

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Axadra Ventures

$100000-$120000 per year • Remote- Global

MySQL Django Flask Moz Postgres

Axadra Ventures is looking for a suitable candidate for the role of an sr. software engineer, with experience of 5 years in Python and front-end technologies.


$90,000 - $120,000 • Remote- Global

Python React.js JavaScript Docker Ruby on Rails

Tucows is actively looking for a suitable candidate for the role of a software engineer who is exposed to multiple programming languages and has 5+ years of professional experience in a soft engineering environment, working in an agile environment as well as good communication.

Cash Flow Portal

Competitive pay for all • Remote - Global

Deep algorithm skills TopCoder or LeetCode

Cash flow portal is looking for Software Engineer. Candidates who love solving puzzles and with deep algorithmic skills and can designs, builds, or improves a set of team-owned components or services.


competitive salary • Remote - Global

English Proficiency - US (written and spoken) Creative writing

ReflectorMedia is looking for experienced full time VPN editors who have good writing along with good research skills.


Competitive salary and equity • Remote - Global

Python HTTP and modern APIs

HTTPie is looking for a senior OSS Developer experienced in Python for 5 years to drive the development of open-source projects. If you know Python and have a solid understanding of HTTP and modern APIs and are passionate about developer tools, apply right away!