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competitive salary • Remote - Global

English Proficiency - US (written and spoken) Creative writing

ReflectorMedia is looking for experienced full time VPN editors who have good writing along with good research skills.

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Highly competitive salary • Remote - Global

TypeScript Node React and Python.

Iterative is hiring for Senior Front - End Engineer to build SaaS and a VS code UI for popular machine learning tools. Apply here if your skill set gives a match.


$60,000 — $100,000 per year • Remote-Global

Rails React Ecommerce SAAS

8returns is looking for individuals passionate about writing high-quality code in Ruby on Rails or React and have a good knowledge of web service technologies and REST best-practices.

SourceWell Global Inc.

$55,000 - $120,000 • Remote- Global


SourceWell Global Inc. is actively looking for a qualified and experienced senior sitecore developer. This position requires 2-5 years of experience in developing SQL/ .NET web applications, as well as has excellent communication and documentation skills. Apply now!


EUR 60,000 annually + benefits. • Europe

Golang PostgreSQL Heroku AWS GraphQL

you will fit in well in our team if you are a good team player and communicator.Freedom to choose when and where you work from within Europe with 24 days of paid time off a year, plus your local holidays and many more added benefits.


$30K - $170K • Remote - Global

symphony php docker payments

A passionate PHP developer with knowledge of Vue JS, ReactJs, Webpack, GIT. Please send your resume through Apply By API: