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$116K - $150K per year • Remote- Global

Python Docker API Gateway SQL EMR

Guru is seeking an experienced machine learning engineer with 5+ years of experience in Python/Scala/Java, relational data, and deploying scalable ML systems.

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Brooklyn Digital Foundry

$90,000-$110,000 yearly • Remote- Global

PostgreSQL AWS ES Lint Gulp WordPress

Brooklyn Digital Foundry is searching for a suitable candidate for the role of a senior web developer with experience of 3+ years in writing well-organized code, database technologies, linting tools, cloud services, docker, and a strong understanding of JavaScript, HTML.


Competitive Salary • Remote-Global

Jenkins CircleCl FastLane

Mattermost is looking for individuals who have BS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and 5+ years of experience managing software engineering teams and 8+ years of hands-on experience working as a software engineer building SaaS products.

$50k-$70k annually • Remote- Global

Figma InVision Vue.js D3.js React is seeking an eligible candidate having experience and knowledge of 5+ years in technology, proficient with modern JavaScript, comfortable with Python, and working on cross-functional teams as well as a customer-focused mindset.

Cerebral Works

$2,000 - $3,000 per month • Remote-Global

Python Javascript AngularJS AWS

Cerebral Works is looking for full-stack engineers to work on the development of new features of the SaaS product and experience building and supporting web applications.


~$30 per hour, ~20 hours per week • Remote-Global

WordPress PHP

Soflyy is looking for individuals who are available for minimum 20 hours per week, flawless spoken English, fast and hands-on learner.