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Rumesha Sk
Rumesha Sk
Computer Science
21 Jan 2019

What do you prefer? books or TV? which do you think is more knowledgeable?

For me, it is books. because books take your imagination to next level. whenever i read a novel, i imagine the things that are written which helps me boost my creativity and also i keep adding more and more vocabulary to my speech. it also makes all your senses work, you actually feel the characters that are written. Whereas television makes your time pass. continous exposure of the radiations from the tv may also affect your vision.

this is my opinion. do let me know yours.

4mos ago

I think it's TV. by TV, I'm referring to the 'visual' medium of information communication. For example, you can get a better 'picture' of the Universe by actually looking at the animations, videos of space and planets than by reading about them from books. 

Books on the other hand have their own advantage. They make you 'think' than just grasp what's being shown.