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20 Jan 2019

Should developing countries invest money in space missions Or use it for upliftment of the poor?

I remember this was a hot debate topic when I was in college, and we had pretty diverse opinions. Let's take example of India. India has shown the world how they could execute critical space mission without errors and at a fraction of cost than its peers at NASA, ESA, JAXA etc.

But then there are people who think that money spent on space missions is actually being wasted. They believe that those hundreds of millions of dollars could have been spent on establishing the basic minimum facilities for the poor, improving infrastructure, loan-waivers for the farmers etc.

They have a point too!

Which side are you on? Do you think developing countries are wasting their money on space missions? Share your thoughts below. 

Guru Prasanth
Guru Prasanth
Electronics and Communication
3mos ago

Frankly speaking, every human in present day want to show his uplifts in the society.. If we are having 1000Rs in packet we will think on weekend plans, and just 10rs for helping poor. 

Our thoughts are polluted. Society is made of humans in which human thoughts are badly polluted..

3mos ago

ISRO is commercially launching satellites for others. Technology development pays in the end.

If the huge amounts of money syphoned off in various corrupt practices can be saved, considerable development can happen.

Maybe building memorials and temples can be avoided.