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20 Jan 2019

Can corruption be eradicated completely? Yes or No?

Where there are humans, there is corruption. I'm sure you must have heard that phrase from many and it's true to a great extent. This debate topic is about views on corruption and whether it can be eliminated completely. 

Do you think there actually are ways to eradicate corruption? Maybe by using technology? What do you think? 

Guru Prasanth
Guru Prasanth
Electronics and Communication
4mos ago

It cannot be eliminated.. It always changes from one form to another form.. No solution found even in mythological books also.

Guru Prasanth
Guru Prasanth
Electronics and Communication
4mos ago

Only solution is eliminating our physical happiness, desires.. 

4mos ago

Every bad/non ethical deed has an end. In the society of ethical people it won't exist.

For that we need to emphasise more on the "morality" "equality" and "righteousness" of processes, things.  It has to be done just from the beginning of the childhood of a person. Teach him to do work in a well mannered way, Teach the steps required to follow and give him thought of what's wrong in doing a particular thing in one way and what's right in doing the same thing in a well mannered way. 

For example "A child wants to complete a lesson/assignment  for his school homework"

1st way-He completes by himself, by understanding the thing with the help of his parents/guardians. 

"After doing this step he will be confident about his homework/assignment, he would be knowing what he did. He would be satisfied that he did it by himself boosting his moral, he would be able to do face any of the questions asked by him regarding that particular assignment_

2nd way-He doesn't understands/the deadline is near and , his/her parents/guardians says let it be don't stress yourself, we will make an excuse or I will do it for you.

"He will be under difficulties. Making an excuse is equivalent to hiding truth he will do it again and again because thats an easy path. He won't be able to doing at the given time, he will delay things afterwards also. Repeating mistakes. He wont be able to answer and will feel embrassed'

There are several laterals in the above example such as embrasment will be there due to bullying, bullying is because of poor manners. Bullying leads to shame and he will be forced to lie. 

A Single person isn't responsible for everything.  Environment around him leads him to do so. Not everyone has the bravery to stand against wrong. 

If you teach your child to be strong teach him where to use that ability of his/her and not in a wrong manner. 

Many laterals affect a single thing. But it all starts with "Manners" knowledge of "Right and Wrong" 

4mos ago

Payment for favours given or expected is ingrained in the Indian psyche.

Donations to temples, propitiation of planets perceived to be in adverse aspects, down to paying ‘something’ to the garbage collector to ensure timely removal of waste are all considered normal.