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Kunal Gokhe
Kunal Gokhe
10 Jan 2019

Why should we use Arduino? What is the use of it?

It is simple and accessible user interface, Arduino has been used in thousand of different projects and application. The Arduino software is easy to use and it is open source its means any one can download at free of cost. Arduino also simplifies the process of working with microcontrollers, but it offers some advantages for teachers, student, and interested amateurs over other system:

Inexpensive - Arduino boards are relatively inexpensive compared to other microcontroller platforms. The least expensive version of the Arduino module can be assembled by hand, and even the pre-assembled Arduino modules cost less than 350 Rs.

Cross-platform - The Arduino Software (IDE) runs on Windows, Macintosh OSX, and Linux operating systems. Most microcontroller systems are limited to Windows.

Simple, clear programming environment - The Arduino Software (IDE) is easy-to-use for beginners, yet flexible enough for advanced users to take advantage of as well. For teachers, it's conveniently based on the Processing programming environment, so students learning to program in that environment will be familiar with how the Arduino IDE works.