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Divesh Yadav
Divesh Yadav
Electronics and Communication
10 Jan 2019

Which programming languages are used in Arduino?

In Arduino there is no traditional Arduino language used, Arduino is the name of  project.

Arduino IDE used the Complier that is AVR-GCC and we also know that it is c++ Complier.

Languages which are compatible with AVR-GCC Complier are alisted below:

  1. C language
  2. C++
  3. Inline ASM

Avr GCC can be used to program our sketches in IDE (integrated development environment) .

The IDE has access to large API (application program interface ) use with Arduino development board.

API also sits on top of a robust and industry standard framework for manipulating the CPU directly.So when we need high performance from our device we can leave parts of the Arduino API  out directly control the hardware.

An example of manupaltion is port manipulation over Arduinos digitalRead/Write functionality.