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Kunal Gokhe
Kunal Gokhe
15 Feb 2019

What is a Raspberry Pi good for?

People can use the Raspberry Pi in a wide variety of tasks. It’s perfect for projects where you need a computer but don’t require much processing power, want to save on space, and keep the costs low. Here’s a brief list of some ideal uses of the Pi. 

  • Teach kids (or yourself) how to code
  • Use it as a desktop PC
  • Easily make a media center with Rasplex or an always-on downloading machine
  • Build a motion capture security camera or a DIY pan and tilt camera with Raspberry Pi
  • Make your own retro gaming console
  • You can make a world clock or an FM radio with the Pi Zero
  • Put together a low-cost time-lapse photography camera with the camera module
  • Create your own DIY Google Home