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Shaif Jawed
Shaif Jawed
Electronics and Telecommunication
05 Feb 2019

Use of Arduino in counting cement bags in a loaded trucks ?

Well I've only considered the case of a cement truck only because I'm going to count the bags based on a fixed weight, but of course we can use it for different values of weight by adding a little more peripherals to our device. Here the main problem is that while loading cement bags on a truck, it happens that the workers forgot the exact number of loaded bags or they have to count the whole thing manually. The idea is to make a system which can verify and recheck the whole thing automatically. I haven't build this project so I'll just give my idea. 

We know that the construction sites from where the cement bags are loaded originally have what we call a load cell. This cell is pretty large since its used to measure the weight of the whole truck, some of them even come in the form of platforms... all you have to do is drive the truck up to this platform and you'll get its total weight. Now my idea is to first obtain the gross weight of the truck i.e. the time when it is unloaded and once the cement bags are loaded, we can obtain the net weight through the monitor attached to the load cell. For the purpose of calculation I'm using an Arduino board, we can use other micro-controllers too but just in case if there are more features coming in the future, its better to use something cheap which can support a few more peripherals.

The next task to interface the Arduino with the weighing monitor attached to the load cell so we can obtain the net and gross weight of the truck. The weight of a single bag can be entered manually since all the bags are supposed to be of the same size. Now what we can do is program the Arduino in such a way that it'll subtract the net and gross weight which'll give the total weight of the bags on the truck which when divided by the weight of an individual bag will give the accurate number of total bags loaded. Its not like our final value will be a fixed integer, but since we are talking about heavy cement bags, there will be a low measurement error which can be ignored .

So in the end it biggest limitation is that it can be practically used in only those cases where the weight of the bag is fixed.