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Shaif Jawed
Shaif Jawed
Electronics and Telecommunication
27 Jan 2019

Is there any platform other than Arduino for graphical representation ?

While working for some of my home automation projects I realized that Arduino doesn't have a wide variety of data monitoring techniques and graphical representation. After going through a lot of devices, I came across Bolt which is an IOT platform used for monitoring data from any part of the world. Is has the capability to connect to the WiFi and hosts its own WiFi hotspot through which users can connect. You'll find a lot of graphical techniques if you are building an IOT device in its official website. There isn't much complication if you are building a project using Bolt since there aren't many pins to make you all confused with its layout and pin configuration. For using the Bolt iot platform, all you need to learn is a little bit of basics from JavaScript and HTML. So I'd say this device is best for connecting and managing your Arduino device. But its true that this device has its own vulnerabilities and less features compared to Arduino in some field of use.

Ashwani Kumar
Ashwani Kumar
Electronics and Communication
1mo ago

It's good to know about the bolt you said ...I don't know about it earlier but know I can say atleast I know somethibg about it thnx for this information...

I also get bored of Arduino and what I should say about its limitations.  Its known and simple to get ...

It has limited function or not wrong to say that it has limited application.

Yaa but its a great thing to start doing projects because at starting what yiu get by doing the project with Arduino is just superb like amaze when furst time you comes to know about such things. ..