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Shaif Jawed
Shaif Jawed
Electronics and Telecommunication
16 Jan 2019

How to program an Arduino using an Android device ?

This method is pretty much common and used by most of the people who find it either difficult to program an Arduino board using a PC or want to program their board anytime, anywhere. The methods are really simple and the requirements are cheap. So lets take a look at these steps ::

  1. The first step includes the requirements of some hardware and software. For hardware, you don't need anything extra other than an OTG host cable, the rest are the same i.e. your project components, an Arduino board and an external power supply ( if needed ). As for the software, you'll find many applications on Play store to run the code like ArduinoDroid, ArduinoCommander etc.
  2. The second step is to implement your project and connect it to your Arduino device using the OTG cable. By doing this you'll be able to power up your device. 
  3. Next you have to install the software I just mentioned, lets go along with ArduinoDroid. It is an IDE, compiler and also an uploader. The working of this application is not that difficult since there are not many complex instructions, you'll be easily able to upload the code on board using the upload button.
  4. Once its uploaded all you have to do next is wait for a few seconds and its all done. As you can see that it didn't required much effort, time and its pretty much easy to use.