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Shaif Jawed
Shaif Jawed
Electronics and Telecommunication
06 Feb 2019

How to make an electric strike lock with the help of an Arduino and an RFID?

The objective is to create an electric strike lock with double security against intruders with the help of an Arduino. In order to create this the first thing we'll need is an AC transformer to conver high voltage ac into 12 V dc. Next we can pass it through a rectifier and a voltage regulator which ( in simple words a power controller unit ) converts the 12 V ac to 12 V dc and connect it with an Arduino and the strike lock. Next we can interface the Arduino with the RFID which'll play an important role in providing security. 

To understand its working better all we have to do is swipe the key over the reader (RFID) and it'll lock the strike. Now if we want to wipe the key from the reader, we have to use a MASTER_DELETE key using which if the key is run over again, it won't work since its deleted from the Arduino EEPROM. In order to use it again, just use the MASTER_ADD key and swipe the key over the reader, it'll save the ID of that key and we can then use it to unlock or lock the door.