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Information Technology
10 Jan 2019

Extended Arduino Libraries

The following are some of the extended Arduino libraries which are useful to code and easy to understand.

1)pinMode(pin, mode): Used in void setup() to configure a specific pin to behave either as input or output.

2)digitalRead(pin): Reads a value from a specific digital pin and results either high or low.

3)digitalWrite(pin, value): It is opposite of digitalRead(). In this the value is written on digital pin.

4)analogRead(pin): Reads the value from the particular analog pin with a 10-bit resolution.

5)analogWrite(pin, value): The provided value is written on the analog pin.

6)delay(ms): It pauses your program for the amount of time as mentioned in millisecond.

7)Serial.begin(rate): this function starts the serial port and sets the baud rate for data transmission serially.

8) Serial.Printin(data): Prints the data on the serial Monitor.