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Ashwani Kumar
Ashwani Kumar
Electronics and Communication
11 Jan 2019

Arduino UNO

Arduino UNO the development board best known by beginners, best friend of beginners to acts as an advance step from regular bookies knowledge.

Arduino UNO also known with other names like Genuino Uno. It's is the most commonly used board.

  1. Here the pin 1 is Used for powering and coding the board known as Arduino USB Cable.
  2. It is used to power Arduino by 12v supply.
  3. GND means zero or negative terminal.
  4. Used to take 5v output.
  5. Used to take 3.3v near about 3.7v supply with fluctuations.
  6. Analog pins A0,A1,A2...
  7. Digital pins 0,1,2,3...13.
  8. Rx and TX at 1st n 2nd pin of Digital pins.
  9. Reference voltage.
  10. Reset pin .
  11. Notification light for Arduino Uno.
  12. Rx and TX notification light.
  13. ATmega328p IC.
  14. Transistor used for regulations and few other requirements.