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Information Technology
11 Jan 2019

Arduino IDE

The Arduino IDE is an open-source IDE means it is free and makes it easy to write Arduino code and upload. It supports on Windows,  Mac OS as well as Linux. Its version is 1.8.8. It is developed by GitHub.

The code is written in java and based on processing it gives the respected output. There are code available online for various configuration. The user can download the respected code and write on Arduino IDE. The IDE even verify whether the code is correct or not and we can upload the code. Then select the board as Arduino since Arduino IDE support may boards. Once the code is upload we can then run the code.  If the configuration and connection on the breadboard are correct then it will show the output in terms of LED glow.

The user can even check the output on the console screen which is present at the top right hand side. If the user is not getting output then by changing the sensor value he can get the output.