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Kunal Gokhe
Kunal Gokhe
14 Jan 2019

5 Best Arduino Projects

1. Crop Growth Monitor

Growing crops can be a fun, or even profitable venture. For instance, vegetable patch may provide monetary savings at the grocery store. Or, you may scale your crops and begin selling produce at a local market. If you're like me, it's possible your few cacti are enough to handle. In that case, a crop growth monitor is an awesome, easy Arduino project. Using an Arduino Uno, you may create your own device to monitor crop growth. It uses an HC-SR04 as its sonar for detecting an object's surface and measuring distance. There's a little code involved, but overall it's a simple Arduino project which offers loads of functionality for the budding grower. 

2. Mouser Football Scoreboard

Football, or soccer as it's dubbed in select locales, is ultra-popular. Keep track of your club's score with an Arduino-powered scoreboard. With minimal hardware components and almost no programming, it's simple to cobble together. While it's dubbed a football scoreboard, you could also use this Arduino-based scoreboard remembering the scores of your favorite football, American football, basketball, rugby, and baseball teams, or virtually any sport. 

3. Persistence of Vision Star Wars Lightsaber

"Star Wars" remains one of the most revered film franchises in cinema history. As such, there's abundant Star Wars merchandise on the market, ranging from app-controlled R2D2 and BB8 droids, to video games, and even leggings. Maker Bitluni created an awesome persistence of vision Star Wars lightsaber with an ESP32, gyro sensor, and Neopixels. While building a lightsaber sounds complicated, this neat lightsaber which projects a picture of Darth Vader isn't as difficult as it might seem. In addition to visuals, it includes sound effects too. No kyber crystals required! For more Star Wars DIY fun, try making your own BB8 remote-controlled droid. 

4. Arduino-powered Robotic Arm Controlled With T-skin

A T-Skin is a human-machine interface. More simply, this programmable wearable device is used in a variety of ways to truly interface with the human body. Using a T-Skin, you can build an Arduino-powered robotic arm that can then be completely controlled with a T-Skin. This indeed shows the future of wearable tech. 

5. Wolverino: Fully Automatic DIY X-Men Wolverine Claws

Superheroes are all the rage, thanks in large part to Marvel Studios and its Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). X-Men character Wolverine might not be the first superhero, but he's easily among the most recognizable and popular. Whether you're a cosplayer, Wolverine fan, or merely a dedicated maker, the Wolverino is a fantastic project. It uses an Arduino Bit, Visuino, and BITalino among other parts and pieces to cobble together a fully automatic set of Wolverine claws. They're muscle-controlled, and use either mechanomyography or electromyography signals to retract and shoot out. 

Divya Singh
Divya Singh
Computer Science
4mos ago

And I did not know the most famous Wolverine had this wolverino on his hand! 😀 interesting!