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Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza
15 Jan 2019

What is Timber and what are its defects??

Definition of Timber:

First of all, we should know what us timber because timber has a vast importance in the field of civil engineering. It is an important construction material in the civil engineering. So in the below we will come to know what is timber.

Wood suitable for building or other engineering purposes like for door, windows, beams, battens, roofs, partition wallsWhen it forms part of a living tree it is called standing timber. When the tree has been felled it is called rough timber. When it has been sawn to various market forms such as beams, battens and planks etc. it is called converted timber.Preferred due to reasonable cost, ease of working, attractive appearance, and adequate life if protected against moisture and insects. 

Defects of timber:

These defects are mostly of two types: 

1.  Those developed during the growth of tree and

2.  Those developed after the tree has been felled (diseases of tree). 

So these are the two important defects of timber so these defects should be improved before its usage. Otherwise these defects will be harmful for the processes.