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Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza
20 Jan 2019

What is the surface application of paints on wood??

Surface Application on Wood:

Ordinary Knotting:

 This is also known as size knotting. The knot is treated with a coat of hot red lead ground with a strong glue size in water. Then a coat of red lead ground in boiled linseed oil is applied.

Lime Knotting:

The knot is covered with hot lime for 24 hours after which it is scrapped off. Thereafter, the process described in ordinary knotting is followed.

Patent Knotting:

 Two coats of varnish or shelac are applied.

Priming Coat: 

The main function of priming coat or primer is to form the base for subsequent ones. After knotting, priming coat is applied over the entire surface to fill all the pores. A second priming coat is applied after first has dried. In general the ingredients are same as those of the subsequent coats but with a difference in proportion.