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Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza
02 Feb 2019

What is the procedure for mold making??


Mold Making

First of all separate the drag & cope in mold box.

Turn down side of the cope and create a layer of chalk so that sand cannot stick to surface.

Place the bush in the centre of cope and fill cope with green sand.

After Ramming by rammer, level it with the help of strike of bar and roller.

Take drag, place in onto the cope, put layer of chalk and place the gates in it.

Fill it with sand.

Remove the gates but mark place of gates on sand of cope.

Now, Remove bush also by the help of draw Neel.

By lifter remove sand for the flow of melted material.

Again place the drag onto cope.

Melting & Pouring

Melt the metal in the furnace.

Pour the melted metal at higher temperature then pouring temperature.

Pour the metal in mold in a steady flow.

Allow the metal to solidify it.

Break the sand mold carefully and remove casting.

Cut off the riser and gating system form casting and clean it for sand.

Observe casting defects and inspect the casting visually.


       We prepared casting of aluminum by sand mold casting method and experiment went gone.