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Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza
25 Jan 2019

What is Pressure Transducer??


A transducer is a device which transfer energy (in any form) from one system toanother.

A bourdon gage, for example, is a mechanical transducer in that it has an elasticelement that converts energy from the pressure system to a displacement in themechanical measuring system.An electrical pressure transducer converts the displacement of a mechanical system(usually a metal diaphragm) to an electric signal either actively if it generates it ownelectrical output or passively if it requires an electrical input which it modifies as afunction of the mechanical displacement.In one type of pressure transducer, an electrical strain gage is attached to adiaphragm. As the pressure changes, the deflection of the diaphragm changes. This, inturn, changes the electrical output which through proper calibration can be related topressure. Such a device when connected to a strip chart recorder can be used to give acontinuous record of pressure. In lieu of a strip chart recorder the data may be recordedat fixed time intervals on a tape or disk using a computer data acquisition system and/orit may be displayed on a panel in digital form.