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Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza
04 Feb 2019

What is Open Channel Flow??


• An open channel is the one in which stream is not completeenclosed by solid boundaries and therefore has a free surfacesubjected only to atmosphere pressure.

• The flow in such channels is not caused by some external head,but rather only by gravitational component along the slope ofchannel. Thus open channel flow is also referred to as free surfaceflowor gravity flow.

• Examples of open channel are

Rivers, canals, streams, &sewerage system etc. 


Natural Channels:

It is one with irregular sections of varying shapes, developing in natural way. .e.g.,rivers, streamsetc 

Artificial Channels:

It is the one built artificially for carrying water for various purposes. e.g., canals, 

Open Channel:

A channel without any cover at the top. e.g., canals, rivers streams etc

Covered Channels:

A channel having cover at the top. e.g., partially filled conduits carryingwater

Prismatic Channels:

A channel with constant bed slope and cross-section along its length.