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Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza
25 Jan 2019

What is Metacentre??


It is defined as the point about which a body starts oscillating when the body is tilted by a small angle. OR The point at which the line of action of the force of buoyancy will meet the normal axis ofthe body when the body is given a small angular displacement.

Consider a body floating in a liquid. Let the body is in equilibrium and G the centre ofgravity and B the centre of buoyancy. For equilibrium, both the points lie on the normalaxis, which is vertical.Let the body is given a small displacement in theclockwise direction. The centre of buoyancy, whichis the centre of gravity of the displaced liquid willnow be shifted towards right from normal axis. Let itis at B1The line of action of theforce of buoyancy in this new position, will intersectthe normal axis of the body at some point say M.This point M is called metacenter