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Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza
26 Jan 2019

What is Laminar and Turbulent Flow??


Laminar flow is defined as that type of flow in which the fluid particles movesalong well defined paths or streamline and all the stream lines are straight andparallel. Thus the particles move in laminas or layers gliding smoothly over theadjacent layer. This type of flow is also called streamline flow or viscous flow.Turbulent flow is that type of flow in which fluid particles move in zig zag way.Due to the movement of fluid particles in a zig zag way, the eddies formation takesplace which are responsible for high energy loss.For a pipe flow, the type of flow is determined by non dimensional number 𝑉𝐷𝜇called Reynold number

If RN < 2000, flow is laminar

If RN > 4000, flow is turbulent

If 2000 < RN < 4000, flow may be laminar or turbulent