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Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza
17 Jan 2019

What is distemper??

Distemper :

These are paints used for the treatment of masonry walls. In them water instead of oil is used as a carrier. These are known as water paints too. 

Distemper is made with base as white chalk and thinner as water. Some colouring pigments and glue are added. They are available in powder and paste forms and are substantially cheaper than paints. In market, a number of proprietary distempers are available. All prepared distempers are mixed with water only before being used. 

As the distemper is affected by weather and comes off, if washed, so its use is restricted only to interior works preferably. It forms a cheap, durable and easy finish for interiors. Distempers give a good finish but are likely to flake when subjected to alternate wetting and drying. These should be applied in dry weather after the surface has been cleaned and dried.

So the distemper are widely used in the field of civil engineering and has a vast importance and applications.