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Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza
13 Jan 2019

What is design Consideration of Structure?

1: Strength: 

The ability of structure to support a specified load without experiencing excessive load.

2: Deformability: 

The ability of structure to support a specified load without undergoing appreciable deformation.

3: Stability:

 The ability of structure or structural member to support a given load without experiencing a sudden change in its configuration (Buckling).

Unstable Equilibrium :

Structure is in unstable equilibrium when small  disturbance produce large movements and the structure never returns to its original equilibrium position. 

Neutral Equilibrium :

Structure is in neutral equilibrium when we cant decide whether it is in stable or unstable equilibrium. Small disturbance cause large movements  but the structure can be brought back to its original equilibrium position with no work. 

Thus, stability talks about the equilibrium state of the structure. 

Stability :

The definition of stability had nothing to do with a change in the geometry of the structure under compression.

Change in geometry of structure under compression that results in its ability to resist loads called buckling.

Buckling is a phenomenon that can occur for structures under compressive loads. 

Stability of equilibrium: 

As the loads acting on the structure are increased, the equilibrium state become unstable.The equilibrium state becomes unstable due to: 

1. Large deformations of the structure

2. Inelasticity of the structural materials