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Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza
26 Jan 2019

What is Continuity of flow??


Except in nuclear processes, matter is neither created nor destroyed. This principle of conservation of mass can be applied to a flowing fluid.

This is the equation of continuity for the flow of a compressible fluid through a streamtube, u1and u2 being the velocities measured at right angles to the cross sectional areas δA1and δA2.For the flow of a real fluid through a pipe or other conduit, the velocity will vary from wall towall. However, using the mean velocity 𝑢ത, the equation of continuity for steady flow can bewritten as follows. where A1and A2are the total cross-sectional areas and 𝑚ሶ is the mass rateof flow. If the fluid can be considered as incompressible, so that ρ1 = ρ2