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Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza
10 Jan 2019

What is Civil Engineering??

Civil Engineering is considered as the first discipline of the various branches of the engineering after the military engineering and it has come up in the recent years due to its importance and the scope. Its work includes the bridges roads, construction, infrastructure and many more. Civil Engineering has also given many facilities to the human beings. It has made our life more ease and comfort. Our future is owe to it. Moreover, civil engineering is also intimately linked and associated with the private and the public sectors in many ways like the international enterprises and the homeowners. It is the oldest engineering field and it is the most ancient discipline of Engineering. The well suited examples in this regard are The pyramids we have seen in the Egypt and also we cannot neglect and overlook the road systems which are developed by the Romans. 

2mos ago

Civil Engineering is not limited upto the construction no doubt it is the vast field among other engineering disciplines. Nowadays civil engineering is the combination of different engineering disciplines we use Digital instruments for drafting, designing, Land surveying, calculations and many more its all happens because of combination of all engineering. No. Of softwares are in market for respective works. Even our India's first Engineer is also an civil engineer.   Management is also contribute in civil engineering, our projects are really too big in time frame as well as cost point of view to handle this kind of projects Construction management is introduced by experts.

Proud to be an Civil Engineer.