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Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza
18 Jan 2019

What is Air or natural seasoning??

Air or Natural seasoning :

As soon as possible after felling, the log is converted by sawing it into battens and planks etc. These are then stacked on a well drained place in the shade. While stacking care should be taken to ensure free circulation of fresh air all around each piece. The stacking should be done on masonry or concrete supports a few centimeters above the ground.Care should be taken not to expose the freshly converted timber stacked for seasoning to severe winds or to sun. This process of seasoning timber is the best as it gives very strong and durable timber, but it is extremely slow. It takes more than six months for timber to season in moderate climates.

So, the air or natural seasoning is used for the preservation of timber because it is very necessary and important for the timber. Care should also be done for the seasoning of timber because it has utmost importance in the preservation of timber.