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Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza
04 Feb 2019

What is Aerial photograph???

  1. Aerial Photograph

    •        Any photograph taken from an aircraft,drone,balloon or satellite .This is also known as Remote Sensing.

    •        .  It can be used as a supplement or map substitute.

    •        .  It can be used to know about enemy positions etc.

    •        .  It can be used in a number of professions in civilian   spheres i.e engineering,agriculture,urban planning, management,soil sciences etc.      

      1. Air Photo Reading

    •       In Its plain meaning it is the simple business of understanding generally what appears on an aerial photograph.

      1. Photo – Interpretation

    •      It deals with the examination of photographic images for the purpose of identifying objects and drawing pertinent inferences.It requires solid back ground knowledge,training and experience to be good at it.