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Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza
21 Jan 2019

What are wood based products??

Wood Based Products :

Batten boards are similar to the block 

boards. In it the core consists of close 

grained battens not more than 8 cm in 

width, 2 to 3 cm thick and are edge-

glued between two or more outer 


Direction of the grains of the core 

battens is at right angles to that of the 

adjacent outer ply sheets. These are 

light and strong and do not crack or 

split easily. 

They are widely used for making 

partition walls, ceilings, packing cases 

and leaves of doors and windows etc. 

Wood based products BATTEN BOARDS. 


These are manufactured from wood 

wastes obtained from saw mills, 

inferior timber or short logs etc. With 

machines the raw material is 

converted into chips which are then 

softened with steam and converted 

into fibers. Water repellents and 

synthetic resins are added to increase 

the strength. These are then pressed 

into boards of uniform thickness in 

hydraulic presses.

Other materials may be added during 

manufacture to improve certain of its 

properties. Many species of wood are 

used, depending upon their