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Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza
14 Jan 2019

What are the properties that a glass should have??

Following are the properties that a good glass should have. So the properties of a good glass are given below:

Properties of a Glass :

1. It absorbs, refracts or transmits light and can take up high polish and may be used as substitute for every costly gems.

2. It has no definite crystalline structure and no sharp melting point.

3.  It is affected by alkalies and is an excellent electrical insulator

4. It is capable of being worked in many ways

5. It is extremely brittle. It is not usually affected by air or water.

6. It is possible to alter some of its properties such as fusibility, hardness, refractive power or to suit different purposes.

7. It is not easily attacked by ordinary chemical reagents.

8. It is possible to get glasses with diversified colors and properties. 

9. It is possible to weld pieces of glass by fusion. It becomes soft and soft with rise in temperature when heated.

10. It is possible to make glass lighter, softer or stronger by using advancement of science.

So a good glass should have the above properties that are mentioned above. Glass is an important construction material in the field of civil engineering.