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Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza
15 Jan 2019

What are the different forms of glass??

Different Forms of Glass:

Glass is marketed in various commercial forms to suit varying field requirements. Some important commercial forms of glass are discussed below:

Sheet glass:

 This is the variety most extensively used in engi-neering works. It is available in various thicknesses ranging from 2 mm to 6.5 mm and up to 1750 × 1100 mm size. Following three classes of it are produced:

Ordinary Glazing Quality (O.Q):

 It is used for general glazing.

Selected Glazing Quality (S.Q):

 It is better than O.Q and is used for better quality work.

Special Selected Quality (S.S.Q):

It is used for superior qualitywork as for show cases and cabinet making. 

It is used for glazing of doors, windows and for partitions.

Plate glass.

 It is made in thicknesses varying from 3 mm to 22mm and sizes up to 2750 × 900 mm. It is stronger and more  transparent than the sheet glass. It is ground and polished. 

Following three classes of it are produced:

Ground Glass Quality (G.G):

Used for cabinets, show cases, shopfronts, counters and shelves. 

Selected Glazing Quality(S.G.):

Mostly used in making mirrors.

Special Selected Quality(S.Q.).

 Superior quality for high classwork wind screen of vehicles.