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Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza
16 Jan 2019

What are the characteristics of a good timber??

Characteristics of Timber:

1.  It should be from the heart, of a sound tree and be free from sap.

2. It should have straight and close fibers.

3.  It should be of uniform color.

4. It should give a clear ringing sound when struck. Dull heavy sound is a sign of internal decay.

5. It should have regular annual rings.

6. Timbers with narrow annual rings are generally the strongest.

7.  Freshly cut surface should give sweet smell.

8. Teeth of saw should not get clogged while sawing.

9. It should have bright and smooth surface when planed. Dull appearance is a sign of defective timber.

10.  Out of same variety of timber, darker and heavier pieces are stronger.

11. It should be free from dead knots, from too many knots, shakes or other defects. It should have firm adhesion of fibers and compact medullary rays.

2mos ago

It should be

  1.  Free from knots
  2. Free from cracks
  3. Well seasoning  - process of extracting moisture content from wood with the help of different methods.

Above points are all important for good timber but seasoning is the foremost step for a wood to be called as TIMBER. 

And the point mention by you in description is also taken in account while we deal with the quality of timber.