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Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza
22 Jan 2019

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Gravity Dam??


Gravity dams are quite strong, stable and durable.

 Are quite suitable across moderately wide valleys and gorgeshaving steep slopes where earth dams, if constructed, might slip. Can be constructed to very great heights, provided good rockfoundations are available.

Are especially suited to such areas where there is very heavydownpour. The slopes of the earth dams might be washed away insuch an area.

 Does not fail suddenly. There is enough warning of the imminentfailure and the valuable property and human life can be saved tosome extent. 


 Gravity dams of great height can be constructed only on sound rock foundations. These cannot be constructed on weak or permeable foundations on which earth dams can be constructed.  Initial cost of a gravity dam is usually more than that of an earth dam. At the sites where good earth is available for construction and funds are limited, earth dams are better.  Usually take a longer time in construction than earth dams, especially when mechanized plants for batching, mixing and transporting concrete are not available.