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Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza
22 Jan 2019

What are Seismic Waves??

Seismic Waves

 A vibration that moves through the Earth.

Two types


A pressure wave where the material vibrates back and forth in the samedirection as the wave movement.Can pass through rock. Can pass through a liquid S-waves

 A sideways wave in which the disturbance vibrates material side to side,perpendicular to the direction to the wave movement. Can pass through rock. Can not pass through a liquid. 

Factors affecting seismic waves

distance: farther = more reduction

density: higher = faster

temperature: colder = faster

liquid vs solid

solid = faster; p-waves and s-waves

 liquid = slower p waves; no s-waves

angle of incidence - controls how much isreflected and how much is absorbed. 

2mos ago

Generally, known as Earthquake but in real it is the sudden release of the energy from earth's crust. 

Type or we can say that the how strong the EQ it is predict  by intensity as well as magnitude. 

Magnitude doesn't effect like intensity.

Intensity depends upon the damage after the unwanted event occurs. There are lot more things taken into account for study the situation before, during and after the disastrous event.