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Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza
15 Jan 2019

In how many types glass is Classified??

Following are the types in which the glass is Classified. Depending upon the constituents glasses are classified as soda-lime glass

lead glass

 borosilicate glass

Soda-Lime Glass

It is also known as soda-ash glass, soda glass or soft glass. 

Soda-lime glass is obtained by fusing a mixture of silica, lime and soda. The quality of this glass can be improved by adding alumina and magnesium oxide and the glass is then called crown glass. This is the most common type of glass used in doors, windows and for making glass-wares such as bottles.

Lead Glass:

It is also known as flint glass and is obtained by fusing a mixture of silica, lead and potash. It is free from iron impurities and is colourless. Lead glass has high shining appearance and can take polish. It is not affected by temperature. Electric bulbs, optical glasses, cut glass, ornamental glass works and radio valves are some of the articles made from it.

Boro-Silicate Glass:

It is obtained by fusing a mixture of silica, borax, lime and feldspar. The examples are pyrex glass and heat resisting glass.  

Boro-silicate glass can withstand high temperatures and is most suitable for making laboratory equipment and cooking utensils.