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Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza
03 Feb 2019

How Orifice is Classified??

Classification of Orifice

According to size

i. Small orifice (Do < H/5)

ii. Large orifice (Do > H/5)

 An orifice is termed as small when itssize is small compared to head causingflow. The velocity does not varyappreciably from top to bottom edge ofthe orifice and is assumed to beuniform.The orifice is large if the dimensions arecomparable with the head causing flow.The variation in the velocity from top tobottom edge is considerable.

According to shape

i. Circular orifice

ii. Rectangular orifice

iii. Square orifice

iv. Triangular orifice

According to shape of upstream edge

i. Sharp-edged orifice

ii. Bell-mouthed orifice

According to discharge condition

i. Free discharge orifice

ii. Submerged orifice