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Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza
12 Jan 2019

Construction Materials :

There are many construction materials that are used in civil engineering. Such as Paints, Enamels and Varnishes. Here we will explain only paints. 


"Paint is a liquid surface coating. On drying it forms a thin film on the painted surface". 

Classification of Paints:

Paints in common use are classified as oil paints, water  paints, cement paints and bituminous paints. There are some "special paints" used for special purposes e.g. heat resisting or fireproof paints, chlorinated rubber paints (for protection against acid fumes etc.), luminous paints (for visibility of painted surfaces in the dark) etc.

Composition of Oil Paints:

Oil paints consist essentially of Base, Vehicle (always an oil, 

generally raw or boiled linseed oil), Colouring pigments, 

Solvent or thinner, Drier and Inert filler.

Paints is an important construction material in the civil engineering. 

Removal of Old Paints:

The surface should be washed well with clean water and neutralized by applying a week solution of acid or vinegar.

 The surface should be washed well with clean water and neutralized by applying a week solution of acid or vinegar.

 Naptha is coated repeatedly on-the painted surface till the paint becomes soft. Then it is rubbed down and the surface cleaned.