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Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza
21 Jan 2019

Classification of Trees:

Classification of Trees:

Classification of trees

• Depending on the mode of growth trees are 

classified into two catagories as: 

(a) Endogenous, and (b) Exogenous

Endogenous trees: are the ones that grow inwards in a longitudinal fibrous mass such as banana, bamboo, palm and cane. Even though the "stem" of trees of this class is light and tough  yet it is too flexible and slender to furnish material suitable  for engineering works,  with the exception of bamboo.

Classification of trees

Exogenous trees: 

 These are those that grow outwards by the addition of one concentric ring every year. These rings are known as annual rings. Since one ring is added to the tree every year so the number of annual rings in the stem of a tree indicates its age in years. Timber obtained from this class of trees is extensively used in engineering works.

Timber available from exogenous trees is further classified into two catagories;

Conifers or evergreens: These are trees with pointed leaves yielding soft wood. Deodar, Pine,  Chir and Kaii belong to this class. They are well  adapted to harsh climates, they often form the  tree line on mountains and in subpolar (below the  pole) regions.

 Deciduous: These are trees with broad leaf, yielding hard wood. Teak(sagwan), shisham belong  to this class. 

• Broadleaved trees have mainly large flat leaves; in temperate zones, these usually fall as winter  approaches.