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Shaif Jawed
Shaif Jawed
Electronics and Telecommunication
18 Jan 2019

Which sensors to use in a line follower robot ?

Line follower is one of the best robots to start as a beginner project. It doesn't requires much effort to build one of these with a balanced budget and easy coding. Most of the people might face one problem that is which sensors to choose, now you may already know that a basic requirement for a line follower robot is to follow the path of a single line which may be in the form of a maze or multiple dead ends and the other task involves the detection of an obstacle. It happens quite often that people spend a lot of money buying those expensive sensors even though they know that there working is the same as any other sensor. So based on my experience with line follower, I would recommend you to go with an IR sensor when it comes to detection of an obstacle and a  proximity sensor for following a line path because of their low cost and fast response. If you have used any better sensors for this purpose, you can share it below.