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Gaurav Prasad
Gaurav Prasad
Computer Science
19 Jan 2019

When it comes to identifying an apple, why is it easier for a human than a robot?


Shaif Jawed
Shaif Jawed
Electronics and Telecommunication
3mos ago

I don't think there is any technical reason for this answer, its common sense that humans instincts are much better then robots. Robots can't tell what an object is just by looking, they have to go through a lot of complicated processes just to know the nature of the object, but that isn't the case for us humans. Its just like how we don't need binoculars when we need to look at something which is only 10 meters away. In simple, it just complicates things because there are many things in this world which are better to be done by humans then depending upon robots. If we look at it another way, that is if we assume that the apple was kept at a distance of around a kilometer, then it would be hard for a human eye to detect the identity of the object, so robots are better in these cases.