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Information Technology
11 Jan 2019

What should I begin with for Robotics?

Now I am in Third year engineering and I am interested in Robotics and their working.  I am scheduling myself so that I can start with basics that are required for robotics.  Scheduling will help me to start quick in fourth year and I wont find it too difficult to understand or to make project based on it. 

What I wanted to ask is that is it good for me to choose this subject or is there any other subject which will help me to be placed in any good company.

For robotics from where can I study the basics, suggest me a book or online medium where I can start. What qualities are required to understand the subject very well?

kunal arora
kunal arora
Computer Science
4mos ago

Im in 3rd year too . But working with bots since I was 10. Start with simple projects . Start with prototypes - Line follower - Bluetooth control - Maze solver . Start bit by bit . Robotics with basic arduino is not enough to get placed . Try to go for higher studies with Mechatronics or Robotics as a Core . Try to learn Basic Courses available for strong basics - after all that try raspberry . For basics try youtube - robotics is all about Making stuff having prior Electronics Knowledge . Try opting for a course which deals with basic electronics course . 

For Much - contact me iamkunal@gmail