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Kunal Gokhe
Kunal Gokhe
07 Feb 2019

What is Robot Vision?

In basic terms, Robot Vision involves using a combination of camera hardware and computer algorithms to allow robots to process visual data from the world. For example, your system could have a 2D camera which detects an object for the robot to pick up. A more complex example might be to use a 3D stereo camera to guide a robot to mount wheels onto a moving vehicle.

Without Robot Vision, your robot is essentially blind. This is not a problem for many robotic tasks, but for some applications Robot Vision is useful or even essential.

Shaif Jawed
Shaif Jawed
Electronics and Telecommunication
1mo ago

Well yeah, we can say that robot vision is the heart of the industrial robots because things such as automatic inspection, robotic guidance and controlling the process is mandatory for an industrial robot through imaging inspection. Its amazing how robots can be blessed with vision by installing digital cameras so just like a human, they can perform tasks traditionally. And I think its really mandatory for future designed robots to have the machine vision which can help them out in many workplaces since we can't just use a blind robot for the processing task in the food industry, it won't be able to detect the real target which needs to be packed.. Not just food industry but many other places including the machines we use in our day to day life.